Apr 15

“Are we no more than this body, this body with its barren breath? Will we abide a world in which the spirit is dead?” — Oded Na’aman:

Apr 14

Heartbleed shows that open source software—which runs much of the net—has a serious problem: -

You thought the local bridge was in trouble? Web open source infrastructure is produced and updated by poorly paid, or unpaid, developers and coders.

Listen to James Baldwin Read from his novel, Another Country -

In this brief selection, James Baldwin (1924–1987) reads from two sections of his novel, Another Country. Published in 1962, and set in Greenwich Village, Another Country traces the complex interracial relationships of a group of artists, writers, and musicians, clustered around Rufus, a jazz musician whose suicide affects them profoundly.

Apr 13

“There’s something liberating in poetry’s impracticality. Or this is what I tell myself.” — Camille Rankine:

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Apr 12

Yes, Being a Woman Makes You Poorer -

David Foster Wallace Never Goes “Towards” Anything

Apr 11

“All these poets defend traditionally feminine ideas of beauty and extravagance against the macho or butch insistence on practicality, on political utility, on philosophical novelty, or on efficiency that has characterized other trends and schools from modernism to conceptualism and beyond.” — Stephen Burt:

When Society Fails, Criminals Become the Law -

Sao Paulo’s Primeiro Comando da Capital, or PCC, is an organized crime group that provides basic necessities to the poor—food, clothes, and protection—that the state never has.